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Survival tips for vacationing in El Cuyo Yucatan

Survival tips for vacationing in El Cuyo Yucatan, VallaMapa

Survival tips for vacationing in El Cuyo Yucatan, VallaMapa

Every year residents of Valladolid, Tizimín and Mérida go on vacation on the beach of El Cuyo Yucatan.

El Cuyo is a small fishing village, perfect for relaxing, doing water sports, and enjoying nature. Its soft white sands and waters that vary from emerald green to turquoise blue are a gift for everyone.

But El Cuyo is a really small town and you need to plan in advance to enjoy your stay to the mas. With our tips, you will be prepared to face any eventuality and enjoy your vacation.

10 Tips to Enjoy your Holidays in El Cuyo Yucatan

  1. Book in advance your house, apartment, hotel or locate a good area to camp. This is vital to have space at a reasonable price and the certainty of having a place to stay.
  2. Prepare activities for the day. Usually at Easter and in the summer, small music festivals are held on the beach.
  3. Prepare an arsenal of products such as abundant sunscreen and bug repellant, remember that the sun can cause burns that while not lethal can ruin even the most positive vacationer.
  4. The beaches of El Cuyo lack infrastructure, it is vital to bring your own umbrellas, chairs, tables, towels, buckets or garbage bags and fresh water to take or wash utensils.
  5. El Cuyo is close to San Felipe and Rio Lagartos, do not miss the opportunity to visit these places with their various activities and local restaurants. The visit to the San Felipe mangrove is a must!
  6. El Cuyo only has a small store that is packed at these dates, it is important to prepare and bring provisions from your place of origin. For the same reason, it is important to prepare with specific needs such as medicines, toiletries, etc.
  7. Carry an icebox and abundant jugs of purified water, it is always important to stay hydrated.
  8. Eat and buy local, there are plenty of options for food and drinks.
  9. Dispose of your trash, remember that the resources are limited and that they do not have garbage collection services inside El Cuyo, it is vital that when you leave to take your trash with you and deposit it in the garbage dump that is on the way out of the town passing the bridge.
  10. Drinking water is limited, even when there are no tourists in El Cuyo! Try to use little water in showers, toilets, gardens or things that are not essential.
  11. Bring cash! There are no ATM’s and most places take only cash.

The most important tip is: Enjoy!

Even if not perfect, El Cuyo offers a nice beach with clear water. Be patient, bring a positive attitude and have fun with your friends!