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Our Customers are the heart of our project. Its thanks to them that we can share the map completely free of charge.

Meet them!

Our Customers: Professional Services

Melissa Aleman M.D. Medical Doctor in Valladolid

Our Customers, VallaMapa
Bilingual doctor Valladolid

Melissa is a great doctor: kind, she listens, and also speaks English!

If you are experiencing a medical emergency in Valladolid Yucatan, Melissa can visit your hotel or vacation rental and help you feel 100% better.

A bilingual doctor in Valladolid Yucatan can do house calls, essentially a needed friend in times of need.

Contact Dr. Melissa Aleman

+52 1 449 106 7384

Casas en Valladolid

Real Estate Casas en Valladolid Bienes Raíces

The best real estate agency in Valladolid Yucatan. Unlike other brokers in Valladolid, they are certified realtors in a State where ANYONE can be a Real Estate Agent.

This is a team of people with the best properties for sale in Valladolid Yucatan.

Please have a look at our website or fan page to keep updated on real estate in Valladolid.

COEV Centro Odontológico Especializado.

Having medical and dental services on hand is essential. If you and your family have the need to visit the dentist, you can visit a specialized center.
At the COEV clinic, the dental surgeon Susana has a specialization in Orthodontics and Dentomaxillofacial Orthopedics. His office is located inside the San Juan Clinic in the neighborhood with the same name.

I recommend you schedule your appointment in advance and contact the numbers that appear on their facebook page here.

Catalina Haciendas

Catalina Haciendas is a real estate development located in Mérida.

This project is focused on offering private property land for you to build your home.

Learn more about this opportunity on their website.

Our Customers: Hotels

Le Muuch hotel boutique

Le Muuch hotel boutique

Without a doubt, this hotel boutique is ideal for people looking for the best location in town, historic charm, and all the comforts of home.

Le Muuch is a hotel boutique, located in the heart of Valladolid Yucatan. On top of its prime location, it also has amenities like an on-site restaurant, two pools, and beautiful tropical gardens.

Another advantage is that the hotel has various accommodations, from simple rooms to equipped suites with a kitchenette.

If you want to learn more about this Hotel Boutique, read our article, or visit their website!

Hotel Country Hotel and Suites

A home away from home in Valladolid Yucatan

Traveling in the Yucatan is an amazing experience. There are so many things to do!! Valladolid is an ideal place to set base and visit all the amazing attractions of the area: beaches, archeological zones, colonial towns… the options are endless!

Definitely, there are many hotels in Valladolid, but if you want to cook your own food, these suites with a well-equipped kitchen might be the ideal choice!

This hotel has many options for your stay in Valladolid Yucatan; please make sure to visit their fan page for more information!

Hotel Fundadores

Hotel Fundadores is one of your best lodging options in the Magical Town of Valladolid.

An unbeatable hotel and very close to the main square of the city, in this hotel all rooms have views of the pool. The colonial architecture of this place will leave you impressed. The pasta walls, ceilings and floors are beautiful.

You already know, if you want to know the true colonial and 100% traditional buildings, stay in this magical place.

Visit their page and book your stay for your next vacation in Valladolid, Yucatán.

Hotel Casa Bamboo

This beautiful hotel is located just 1 block from the Valladolid bus terminal, therefore very close to the city center. Staying near the center has its advantages, one of them is being able to go out at night to take a walk through the beautiful colonial streets and have a coffee or marquesita in the main square.

Its facilities include free WiFi and air-conditioned rooms. Do not forget that your rest is essential when it comes to going on an adventure in Yucatan.

Enjoy a comfortable and spacious terrace in the company of your friends or family.

Visit the facebook page and book! The prices are totally accessible.

Xkopek, Beekeeping Park.

Xkopek is a beekeeping park that houses a meliponary and a museum of the melipona bee, originally from Yucatan. They have a hosting service for any type of tastes and budgets.

There are different schedules for the bee tour and you can check them on their facebook page. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and mosquito repellent to enjoy the tour.

Also enjoy an open-air restaurant and hire a day pass. This day pass includes the Bee Tour, access to the pool and a meal at its restaurant.

Do not stay with the desire to visit its dry cenote and the meliponario!

Our Customers: Restaurants, coffee shops, bars

Tres Mentiras Valladolid

Tres Mentiras, a bar with A/C in Valladolid

This is one of our favorite bars in Valladolid. If you are getting hot and are looking for a cool place to have a cold drink: Tres Mentiras is the perfect place.

This bar is off the beaten path, but it has a really nice ambiance. In addition, the walls are decorated with murals, showcasing some of the most famous actors, writers, and athletes from Mexico.

The menu has traditional bar food, but everything is super tasty and freshly made. The tacos are delicious. Also, the burritos are something special.

Please have a look at their fan page, and learn more about this iconic bar.

St. Patricks, Irish Pub

Living in the tropics is wonderful, but sometimes the heat is unbearable. For those hot Yucatecan afternoons, St. Patricks Irish Pub offers cold drinks in air-conditioned spaces.

The bar has an excellent setting, huge screens in all areas. Ideal for enjoying the most exciting games of the NFL or international Soccer.

If you have a craving for traditional bar food, here you will find the classic dishes: hamburgers, wings, ribs, etc.

Do not miss this special place, which in a short time has become the favorite of locals and tourists alike!

Visit their fan page to receive more information.

Marisqueria Gonzalez

The freshest seafood in Valladolid, in Marisqueria Gonzalez

This is our favorite seafood restaurant in Valladolid. Marisqueria Gonzalez offers a wide array of Mexican seafood dishes, with the freshest fish, shrimp, octopus, squid, conch, snail, etc.

Our favorite dish is the Pineapple special, a pineapple stuffed with a creamy tomato sauce, shrimp, peppers, onion, and pineapple pieces.

The ceviches, aguachile and cocktails are to die for! Try some Mexican dishes and enjoy the lime, chili flavor, and general tastiness of these refreshing dishes.

Moreover, Marisqueria Gonzalez has a bar to enjoy your favorite drink, cocktail or beer!

If you want to learn more about this restaurant, visit their FAN PAGE.


Conkafecito, coffee & delicious pastries in Valladolid

This is a great place for coffee lovers! No doubt, they have delicious Mexican coffee and the tastiest cookies, cakes, and rolls in Valladolid Yucatan.

Conkafecito offers a modern space, with air conditioning and free wifi. As a result, this is ideal to meet up with friends, call family members or use their internet to work.

Besides the delicious coffee and sweets, this is a local business. What better way to support Valladolid than supporting local entrepreneurs?

In my opinion, they have the best carrot cake in Valladolid. Another plus to Conkafecito, it is the only place selling pumpkin pie during the fall season. I am a big fan of cakes, and this is definitely the best place to buy dessert!

Visit their webpage, or follow their fan page on Facebook!

Yerbabuena del Sisal

The tastiest food in Valladolid

Yerbabuena del Sisal offers you delicious and very healthy dishes. The variety of juices is immense and they are all delicious. Among their dishes there are some that contain meat, others are vegetarian and there are also vegan options.

I highly recommend you have a coffee and accompany it with some of their delicious breads. This is their page to reserve, you can also find their location and menu there.


There is a new ice cream shop in Valladolid! and you can’t miss it.

In addition to how delicious the yogurt ice cream is, in this ice cream shop you can find all the toppings you can imagine. They are located on 39th Street, very close to Plaza Francisco Cantón Rosado.

With the heat of the afternoon in Yucatán, nobody has a bad option to go for an ice cream. Visit their page and discover how beautiful it is to enjoy delicious things in a place as beautiful as Valladolid.

Le’ Kaat

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant in Valladolid, what else are you looking for? This place is heaven for vegetarian and vegan food and not to mention its delicious juices, smoothies and smoothies.

Le ’Kaat is located on the Calzada de los Frailes and the place is divine; a cozy garden awaits you to try any of their dishes. The menu is very varied and you can get an idea of ​​what I tell you on their facebook page.

I do not eat a vegan diet, but going is always a great pleasure.

Recommendation: Falafel Bowl… my favorite.


A different and lively restaurant. In the K’UXUB restaurant you will find Mexican dishes but with new ingredients and innovative recipes.

The facilities are very particular, always with an open loop to connect with nature and the Yucatecan culture.

Are you waiting for something else to have a romantic dinner in Valladolid? Consult more information and book on facebook page.

Our Customers: Things to do in Valladolid


A zoo in Valladolid, ideal for a family activity in Valladolid. The place is very big and they have lodging services.

The animals that they take care of in this place (which by the way most of them are endemic species) are in Vallazoo because they have been rescued from situations not suitable for this type of animal. In addition to the guided tour of the animal area, in Vallazoo they also have a small lake where you can ride on a small boat.

As if that were not enough, the service of villas with pools is offered for your complete comfort. Reserve your visit on their facebook page !!

Recommendation: Ask and buy the miniature golf service, its cost is very accessible and your children and you will have a great time.

Ik – Kan Workshop & gallery

An Art Gallery and Workshop are here to stay in one of the most incredible magical towns in Mexico. In Ik-Kan you can find very special pieces of art. The alebrijes and the masks will leave you with your mouth open. Whenever I enter this gallery I imagine each piece in my home. It really is a Mexican artistic product that fascinates me.

In addition to his great work exhibited in the gallery, you can come to Ik-kan for an experience of creating alebrijes. Visit facebook page.

Mayapan – Artisan Agave Distillery

A 100% Mexican distillery. Learn about the process of one of the most iconic drinks in Mexico. This artisan agave distillery accompanies you and explains each step of the entire distillation process.

Excellent facilities, with a very interesting tour and a tasting of the agave distillate: Mayapan. eeeeh !!!

Check their facebook page and reserve the day and time you would like to attend a tour.


Chocolate is delicious and everyone loves it; now imagine discovering its Mexican origin in an intercative museum! Woow, irresistible, huh?

In this museum you can find different rooms with descriptive audios in different languages ​​so that you know the history behind the valuable cocoa in Mexico. Each room has real scenes of what is behind this seed and the process that it has gone through through the years to become what we know today as chocolate.

Enter their facebook page and attend one of the most beautiful museums in Valladolid.

Casa Moloch

As you have read, at Casa Moloch you will find a ceramic workshop and a lodging option connecting you at all times with art.

The beautiful room of this place is adorned with temporary exhibitions of artists and the backyard is the place of the workshops. A beautiful garden ready for you to learn the best ceramic techniques.

Check and follow their page to be aware of the next exhibitions of plastic artists or a musician or dancer.

Jardín Alak Beekeeping Park

In Yucatan, an ancestral trade that is carried out by many families in the region stands out. Melipon (stingless) bees are endemic to this area of ​​the country.

Entire families have devoted generations to ancestral meliponiculture. All the care they invest in this profession results in medicinal and nutritional products.

Get to know its meliponary and enjoy the guided tour of the place. Visit their Jardin Alak facebook page and book a tour and a table at their excellent restaurant.

ATV Xkekén

In the surroundings of Valladolid it is very common to find cenotes, in addition to these magical places, the trails in the jungle can also be a great adventure to transport you to the ancient Mayan world.

The jungle is dense and going through the trees with an ATV can be more fun than you imagine. the best part comes when you get to a cenote and you can swim for a while.

Book the tour of your liking on their facebook page, don’t miss one of the most adventurous activities in Valladolid, Yucatán.

Cenote Secreto Maya

Of the many cenotes that are near Valladolid there is a very special one. In Cenote Secreto Maya you can find an ideal place to connect with nature. The place is Pet Friendly or friendly with pets, so you can take your dog so it can take a different walk.

Discover all the information on their facebook page.

La Purificadora

On the Calzada de los Frailes stands La Purificadora, a modern boutique square where different exhibitors will be showing their products. From crafts to clothing and jewelry.

Get to know this new boutique in Valladolid, here.



MUREM (Museum of Ethnic Clothing of Mexico) keeps within its walls a collection of clothes and typical costumes of many ethnic groups in Mexico.

Find out its location on the facebook page and discover the world of Mexican ethnic costumes in this museum in Valladolid.


APACCC Valladolid is a non-profit association dedicated to helping, curing, and putting hundreds of abandoned or homeless dogs up for adoption. Unfortunately in Valladolid there are many animals in this dire situation and they need our help.

Most of the animals that APCCC rescues are put up for adoption to responsible and loving families outside the country. These furry friends have loving homes in countries like the U.S., Canada, and some parts of Europe. If you live in Valladolid or in a nearby place, you can also adopt.

Support this important association in the city and let’s take care of abandoned dogs together, you can enter their facebook page to discover the different ways to support them.

Don’t leave without leaving your grain of sand!

Club Rotarios de Valladolid

In this Rotary Club, leaders meet with the intention of planning and carrying out programs for the benefit of the community. Environmental or social programs, whatever it may be, supporting this club is a great service opportunity.

Find out everything on their facebook page, support the various programs they are carrying out and be part of the change.