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Is it safe to swim in a cenote?

Is it safe to swim in a cenote?, VallaMapa

Is it safe to swim in a cenote? Knowing this type of natural paradises is an experience that you will never forget, totally magical, but you must take this information before you go.

What is a cenote?

Is it safe to swim in a cenote?, VallaMapa
The underwater world captured by Joram Mennes.

A cenote is an underground body of water, which in turn is part of a network of rivers and caverns that run below our feet. They are usually found all over the planet and the depths vary, they are very valuable ecosystems that we must protect.

In Mexico you can find a large number of them in the Yucatan Peninsula, therefore it is very common for tourists from all over the world to come to this destination. (Valladolid is a great place to meet cenotes)

How to swim safely in a cenote?

A large number of cenotes open their doors every day to receive people from all over the world. These tourist destinations have been adapted for this purpose, this is the first point you should know before visiting a cenote.

Each tourist area has security measures, even so, you must be very careful. Swimming in a cenote can be a lot of fun as long as you take into account the rules of the place.

Be careful when going down

Beautiful view of the Cenote Secreto Maya – Yalcobá, Mexico.

Most of these bodies of water tend to be underground (not all of them, some may be at the same height from the ground that you step on) and therefore, going down can become a bit complicated.

For the entrances, steps are adapted on the same stone or wooden stairs with good support are placed. Whatever the option you must be very careful when going down and up. Due to the humidity the steps are very slippery. Assist with water shoes or sandals that provide stability.

Wear a life jacket

Even if you know how to swim, follow this rule and don’t take risks. The water in the cenotes is usually very cold, this reduces our resistance and can cause cramps, which in turn can lead to drowning.

Don’t climb the vault

Stalactites, stalagmites and the vault in general. Although there are rocks on the perimeter of the cenote that are safe to climb, step on or climb, do not do it; limit your passage through indicated areas.

Attentive to the signs

Diving areas, prohibited areas, bathrooms and other services that you should be aware of, follow all the signs and do not access restricted areas.

Is it safe to swim in a cenote?

Yes, swimming in a cenote is safe, as long as the cenote is suitable for it and you follow the recommendations.

Attend responsibly and enjoy the experience.

Do not forget to take care of the environment; Respecting these ecosystems is essential, continue caring for them so that we can enjoy them for a long time to come.