Cenote Zaci

What is Vallamapa?

VallaMapa is a tourist map that is distributed in the Valladolid Yucatan area. The map includes important information, as well as points of interest in our magical town.

In addition to information on points of interest we have information on local businesses: Hotels, restaurants, bars, cultural activities that you must include in your visit!

Vallamapa was the first to offer this print advertising service, being the first map that was distributed for free in different areas of the city.

Recently the brand was acquired by our company, in order to offer more services to our clients.

Until now our blog Amo Valladolid sought to show the lifestyle, especially the cultural and entertainment options that you can enjoy in Valladolid.

Where is Vallamapa distributed?

VallaMapa is distributed in all the businesses that are advertised with us, as well as in points of tourist interest such as Cenote Zaci, the information office of the municipality of Valladolid.

Our map is a service that you can offer to your clients, in this way they can always locate your business in Valladolid.

What is the circulation of Vallamapa?

The print run is biannual, with a print run of 30,000 copies. Each month one of our sales representatives will visit you to deliver more copies.

How can I advertise with you?

We want all businesses to have access to advertise depending on their budget and for this we offer different plans. Do not stay out !!!

Is it possible to request invoices?

Our prices include VAT, you can request your invoice when ordering.

I'm interested, how do I get involved in advertising?

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