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Day trip to Las Coloradas, in Yucatan

Day trip to Las Coloradas, in Yucatan, VallaMapa

Las Coloradas is a small town of a thousand inhabitants, located very close to San Felipe and Rio Lagartos, in Yucatan. This small town has become a popular destination for its pink water lagoon.

If you have a car, this is a 90 minutes ride from Valladolid, passing through the town of Tizimin and Río Lagartos. It is also possible to arrive by bus, first one to get to Tizimin and from there to Río Lagartos or Las Coloradas.

If you are in Valladolid, you can not miss this place. Our recommendation is that you visit Río Lagartos and take the tour offered by local fishermen, as this includes a stop at this well-known lagoon and other attractions in the area.

The other option is to go directly to Las Coloradas and walk to the lagoon, although this town has fewer options for restaurants and hotels than Rio Lagartos.

Day trip to Las Coloradas, in Yucatan, VallaMapa

Some Tips to visit Las Coloradas

-The town is very small, it is possible to can walk everywhere

– Bring cash; the area does not have ATMs or card terminals.

– Bring water and food or snacks, as there are not many places where you can eat or buy.

– Before arriving at this huge pink lake, you can stop at the salt mine and take otherwordly photographs in the salt mountains, a product that is sold throughout the country and exported several parts of the world.

– There is a beach in the area known as “Cancunito”, It is a worthy spot to have a beach picnic. Make sure to bring everything you might need, as well as trash bags to get your waste when you leave.

– Take your camera or devices well charged, because it is a very instagrammable place! You will take many photos.

– The road to Las Coloradas is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy the landscape and the sand dunes.

– Wear sunscreen and biodegradable repellent. Avoid contaminating water bodies or damaging the ecosystems.

– Make sure to take a bag to put your garbage in, there are not many trash cans in the area

– Be careful about marine life as white turtles, which nest in the area from May to September. Observe the beach and avoid stepping on places where the sand is freshly removed.

– Leave animals and plants in their place: they are not souvenirs!

– Do not get into the pink lagoons, as it is a process of salt extraction and can be contaminated, plus the minerals present in the water can cause you a severe skin irritation.

We hope these tips will be useful in your visit to this area of our beautiful state: Yucatan.