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Camping options near Valladolid

Valladolid is a great destination by itself, but if you're looking for a little extra, or you just simply love camping, there are several options near Valladolid. We share some of them in this article.

Eco Camping Valladolid

If you are just looking to get out of the routine, this is a good option. The best thing is that you can enjoy it without having to go far from town.

Eco Camping Valladolid is a project that offers restored volkswagen beetles and combis, adapted to use as hotel rooms. They also have a plane and a tree house as room options. 

Eco Camping Valladolid also has a special space dedicated to camping tents; you can bring your own or rent the equipment with them. They have a kitchen, hot showers, Wi-Fi (restricted).

They offer a few perks, such as chef services, for ordering breakfast, a romantic dinner and other options. You can also hire special tours and other services with them. 

Getting to Eco Camping Valladolid is just a few minutes drive from Valladolid, and you can get there by taxi if you don’t have a car. It’s a good idea to book to go on full moon nights to enjoy the stunning view of the stars.

Punta Laguna - Spider Monkey Reserve

One hour from Valladolid and near Cobá is Punta Laguna, a beautiful lagoon and nature reserve, which is home to between 300 and 600 spider monkeys and approximately 40 howler monkeys. It was founded in 1950 by a family of chicleros (harvesters of chewing gum sap), who over time became interested in the conservation of nature. The flora and fauna of the place amazed them and they decided to protecting it.

Although it is a popular family outing where you can tour the monkey reserve, it is also possible to camp and also swim in the lagoon.

If you decide to spend a night, bring everything you need: snacks, water, food, fruits, and lamps. There’s no way to leave the facilities once the reservation is closed, so you have to be ready with everything you need for the night.

Restrooms are available but there are no showers, so it’s convenient for staying one night only.

Sian Ka'an Reserve, in Tulum

If you want to camp on the beach, in Tulum there is a very nice option, Camping El Ultimo Maya. Located on the road to the Sian Ka'an reserve, 3 kilometers from the arch that marks the entrance to the reserve and a little before the Boca Paila bridge. It is far enough away from everything to spend a quiet night on an almost deserted beach. There is a pleasant camping area shaded by palm trees and there are toilets and showers available. There is also a restaurant bar that offers some dishes from the sea.

It is worth visiting, although depending on the dates it can be a very quiet place to enjoy or a bit noisy at night if there are large groups of friends. Now it is a matter of luck!

Very close to this campsite there is a small dock where you can hire tours of the lagoon and snorkeling.

Siijil Noh Ha Lagoon

Síijil Noh Ha is located 2 hours and 21 minutes from Valladolid, if you go by the road that leads directly to Carrillo Puerto. The Coba - Tulum - Carrillo Puerto route is a bit longer, although it may be an option if you plan to make several stops on your trip, as there are other attractions along the way.

Síijil Noh Ha is a sustainable eco-tourism center with very affordable prices. There is space for camping, although the most recommended option is to rent one of their cabins. They’re quite affordable and very comfortable, with a private bathroom, a hammock and a small porch to relax.

There is a restaurant on site, although if you plan to camp you must bring your food and drinks, unless you can survive without eating or drinking for several hours, as the restaurant closes early at night.

There are several interesting activities: swimming in the lagoon, kayaking or diving in the small cenote that is located right next to the lagoon. There is also a path to explore the jungle either walking or by bicycle, and there is also the option to request a guided tour.This place is worth a visit!

Camping comfortably

If you’re planning to spend a few days camping, make sure to bring everything you need: water, snacks, food, the drinks of your choice, a set of cutlery, plate and glass per person, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, a couple of extra changes of clothes, mosquito repellent, flip flops, a towel and a hat or cap, and a swimming suit if you’re camping by the beach or a lagoon. 

For your tent it is a good idea to bring extra blankets or yoga mats to make it more comfortable to sleep.

Finally, always carry trash bags to collect the garbage and take it with you or to deposit it in the trash bins. 
Prepare your trip in advance and enjoy it to the fullest!