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Archaeological Zones near Valladolid

Many tourists arrive with the intention of knowing everything about the Mayan culture in the days that they have destined for their vacations in Yucatan, but some of them do not know where to start and look for Archaeological Zones near Valladolid.

The first thing you should know about the Archaeological Zones is that there are more than you imagine. There are approximately 16 areas with Mayan pyramids and buildings that the INAH protects and manages in Yucatán.

There are routes, such as the Puuc Route that include several pyramids and Mayan cities that are insurmountable for visitors, the enigmatic pyramids flood the minds of those who have the joy of observing them with peace and mysticism.

The Archaeological Zones closest to the city of Valladolid.

Chichen Itzá.

Just 45 minutes from the center of Valladolid is one of the most important and enigmatic pyramids in the entire Yucatan peninsula and the entire country. This place has different pyramids and Mayan buildings of a spectacular size; you will surely be impressed with the vastness of the old buildings.

Recognized worldwide as a Wonder of the World, Chichen Itza awaits its visitors with history impregnated on each stone. Mayan wisdom takes place on every staircase and every polished stone. It is and always will be one of the most important points where the past of the Mayan culture is exhibited.


One of the highest pyramids in the entire Mayan world and 55 minutes by car from our starting point, is waiting for you. The main building is 42 meters high, positioning itself as the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula. One of the main buildings has public access, so you can go up at your own risk and with great care.

Climbing a pyramid, is it a good idea? Well, it will always depend on your abilities and the state of the building. You must take into account that going up is much easier than going down. In Cobá the slope is a bit steep and you will most likely have to go down practically sitting down.

Ek Balam. The archaeological zone closest to Valladolid

The pyramids of Ek Balam are not as high as those of Cobá but they definitely carry an incomparable beauty, the entrance of the ruins are outdoors, although in some areas there is shade, the heat can be quite strong at some hours of the day. Stay hydrated and take advantage of going up to the main building. The slope of this is not that high and the steps are in very good condition.


The place is only 1:15 hrs from the city center of Valladolid: the cost of entry is much lower for residents who can prove nationality with their voting credential or some other official identification.

It turns out to be very interesting to know such an important Mayan ceremonial center.

Our recommendations to visit archaeological sites near Valladolid: 

During your stay, the most important thing is that you identify the areas that are closest to you; we are sure that you will find some option within walking distance.

  • Also, always try to go in the first hours of opening to avoid discomfort from the sun and heat.
  • Always stay hydrated and covered from the sun's rays.
  • Carry your official identification with you. (SUNDAYS is FREE for Mexicans)
  • Follow the directions set by the authorities and do not go beyond the areas that are closed to the public.
  • Follow at all times the health security measures that the Government of Mexico has imposed for public areas like this one.

After visiting these cultural areas, you will no longer see the Riviera Maya in the same way.

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