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“Mayapán” Agave Distillery in Valladolid

One of my favorite places is this Mayapán Agave Distillery in Valladolid; a space where you will learn about the process of this traditional Mexican distillate.

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Mayapán Agave Distillery in Valladolid

The facilities of this distillery are immense. To get to the distillery from Valladolid, you must take the road that goes to Tizimín, and at the Periférico turn left.

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There you will find Mayapán, you will identify it by its beautiful yellow colonial house and the huge agave plantation that gives it an incredible view. The blue agave is the plant that is used to make this distillate so famous throughout Mexico and the world.

If you arrived by car, you can leave it in the parking lot while you make your tour.

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This lasts approximately 40 minutes. This depends on how long you want to stay in its huge souvenir shop or taking photos of the agave plantation.

Mayapán Tour – Valladolid

On this tour of the distillery in Valladolid, the guides will explain the process of distilling agave. In the house, there are the structures and machinery that were used and are used for the production of this artisanal Mexican drink.

The prices of the tour are super accessible and you will be able to try the different types of “Mayapán” that they carry out.

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The artisan process of agave distillation consists of several steps. The cultivation of the agave comes first, then they take it to masonry ovens that will “cook” the agave.

Later start the crushing process; the pineapple is broken into thin fibers. These fibers are placed in a masonry circle where a stone wheel crushes the fibers to extract the distilled The result is brought to the point of fermentation and distillation.

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It is packed with great effort and care, ready to be sold.

Where to take beautiful photos in Valladolid? Mayapán!

As I was telling you, our friends from Mayapán have an agave plantation in front of the distillery’s facilities. It is a very beautiful and spectacular place, thousands of blue agaves behind you and a sunset are all you need for your perfect photo.

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It is even a place where many people decide to take photo sessions, contact them and discover what you must do to be able to do it, it will be worth it.

Very interesting attractions in Valladolid

This distillery is part of a special list. Your family will be happy, it will be an incredible experience in a beautiful Valladolid place!

If you want to visit this distillery with your family, I’m going to give you a tip …In front of Mayapán there is an interesting zoo with different attractions. Wake up early and go on an adventure; visit VallaZoo and then take your tour in the distillery.

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These places are only 10 minutes from the center of Valladolid and have totally affordable costs. Highly recommended for budget travelers and families with children !!

Visit Valladolid is totally worth it

Please, forbidden to say again that in Valladolid there is nothing to do. Live the adventure in Valladolid, Yucatán.