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Bike routes in Valladolid and its surroundings

Bike routes in Valladolid and its surroundings, VallaMapa

There are many ways to visit Valladolid, if you are a bike and nature lover, you can use its bike routes. Don’t worry if you’re a novice and don’t have much experience on a bike. Or if you are a trained biker, the bike routes in Valladolid offer options for all levels. The important thing is that you have an adventurous spirit, that you enjoy outdoor activities and cenotes. And of course, have fun with your family or friends.

Preparing your trip in Valladolid through its bike routes

Before moving on to the routes and their difficulty levels, let’s start with what you should bring and what you should know before embarking on this adventure.

We suggest you wear lightweight, light-colored clothing that protects you from the sun. For example, a “skin” or natural fabric clothing such cotton that allow your skin to breathe. Also, we suggest you to bring biodegradable repellent and sunscreen and water to hydrate. Although if you run out of water, don’t worry, you can always stop at the villages and restock your supplies.

Bike routes in Valladolid and its surroundings, VallaMapa

You should know that some of these routes include a visit to cenotes and in general you will have interaction with nature. Most of these ecosystems are extremely fragile, so please do not go into the cenotes without rinsing. It is very important to remove deodorant, creams, perfumes, repellent and sunscreen from your body. Since these have harmful effects on the flora and fauna of these bodies of water.

Don’t touch the stalactites and stalagmites in the caves either, they take millions of years to form. Do not take anything from the paths, including animal and plant species. Don’t scratch or disturb tree trunks either.

If you go on your own and bring your bike, it is a good idea to make it a mountain bike. If not, in Valladolid there are places where you can rent.

Now let’s review the bike routes in Valladolid and its surroundings. In Valladolid, Yucatán there are 6 bike paths, 4 of these communicate with the towns of Popolá, Dzitnup, Tikuch y Chichimilá.

Easy bike route: Valladolid – Dzitnup 

Cenote Samulá, close to Valladolid, Yucatán México

This route has an extension of 14,847 km. You can start it from Valladolid. It is one of the most popular routes, because on the way you will find two beautiful cenotes, Samulá and Xkekén. Both are one of the great tourist attractions in the area. Crossing the road at 300 meters is the Dzitnup cenote. They are all part of the so-called “Cenotes de Dzintup”.

This bike route is bidirectional, wooded and with lots of vegetation. It is a moderate easy route because it can be done with low stress. One reason is it has a low traffic of cars in its accesses to the towns and intersections with highways.

Middle bike route: Chichimila- Tekom

Bike route map Valladolid – Dzitnup – Chichimilá

This route is a continuation of the same circuit as the previous one. From Chichimilá to Tekom there are approximately 6 km that you travel in just under 20 minutes. This road is a very small road with very little traffic. In the central square of the town of Tekom, there is a spectacular cenote that bears the same name. This cenote is closed, that is to say in a cave and it is not so crowded. It can often be enjoyed early with almost no crowds and with a very affordable entrance fee.

Difficult bike route: chichikan, Temozón-hunuku

This bike path is the Valladolid-Popolá route, it is an independent route of almost 7 direct kms between both towns. It has a lot of bikes and tricycle traffic and is very surrounded by vegetation. Its level of difficulty lies in the motorcycles that use this route and that exceed cyclists and hikers. This bike route is exceptional to enjoy nature.

Leaving Valladolid in the direction of Tizimín, you can take this cycle path. An attraction that you will find is the chichikan cenote, it is in a cavern and is one of the must-sees. A few kilometers ahead on this route is the town of Temozón and the archaeological zone of Ek-Balam.

Ek Balam, cenote Xcanche

A great peculiarity of these bike lanes is that they were built separately from car traffic, connecting long distances. So now you know, dust off your bike and get to know Valladolid, and the vast network of cenotes in its surroundings.