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Yucatecan embroiderers

Yucatecan embroiderers, VallaMapa

In Yucatan there are, since pre-Hispanic times, different and varied crafts. All this has been done by the native workers of this region and the Yucatecan embroiderers are part of them. Over the years the crafts and the techniques to make them have changed. Even so, the custom of making and using the most typical crafts of this place has been maintained.

The clothes that are traditionally embroidered are hipiles and “ternos”.

The Yucatecan suits are a gala dress that is used for important occasions and celebrations, you can find a perfect example in MUREM, Valladolid. Unlike Hipil that is used on a day-to-day basis.

Any clothing or accessory that has an embroidery will impress you; when you use it you will be able to observe the beauty and bearing that each stitch has.

Yucatecan embroiderers, VallaMapa


The importance of embroidery and the valuable work of Yucatecan embroiderers.

One of the crafts that came along with the Spanish was embroidery. It is a beautiful tradition, currently it is one of the most representative of the state, you will have to pay close attention to each thread. The technique and the combination of colors will make you realize all the effort made by these artisans.

It is a trade that financially supports many families in Yucatán, although some women do it for the simple taste and passion of embroidering their clothes.

Many of them say that being able to express their tastes, feelings and favorite embroidery is a great opportunity. The effort of a woman is appreciated, who in addition to embroidering for 4 hours a day has to attend to the home and their children.

The oldest forms of embroidery point to 100% handwork, but over time the sewing machine began to be used, which allows embroiderers to carry out embroideries in a “faster” way, and I put it in quotation marks because a suit It could take up to 1 year of work even with a sewing machine.


Where do I get a piece with embroidery?

In each community you could find artisans who put their embroidery on sale, so when visiting a police station or town on the outskirts of the cities do not forget to ask for the house of an embroiderer and perhaps she can sell you a piece that has been finished.

The easiest way to get embroidered clothing or accessories is by attending municipal markets or craft centers, these centers can be found easily in Valladolid and Mérida.

Some prices may seem out of place, but you must remember that it is a handmade craft and its creation takes many hours of work.

Let’s support local commerce and boost the economy of many Yucatecan families by buying their artisan pieces. So when you come to visit I hope you fall in love with a hipil or an embroidered blouse.