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Tres Mentiras: Mexican Restaurant and ArtBar in Valladolid

Tres Mentiras: Mexican Restaurant and ArtBar in Valladolid, VallaMapa

I leave you here the Three Lies (Tres Mentiras) , so that you do not remain in doubt:

I’m going tomorrow

Today I am not going to drink

I love you

Tres Mentiras: Mexican Restaurant and ArtBar in Valladolid, VallaMapa

A place dedicated to Mexican popular art full of color and joy: Tres Mentiras: ArtBar in Valladolid

In the bar “Tres Mentiras” you will find live music and a unique atmosphere. All the staff are very friendly and you will feel ready to spend a fun night with your friends.

Going out to a bar at night in Valladolid is one of your best options, you will enjoy walking through the beautiful streets of the historic center and the traditional neighborhoods of the city. If you are looking for places to go out with your partner or friends to have fun, this is a very good option.

It is located in the traditional neighborhood of La Candelaria on the street 33 corner with 46.

A visit to Tres Mentiras and it makes your life happy

If you are going to visit this Art Bar you must be prepared for what is to come. Inside the walls are covered in pictorial art. Murals made by artists such as Rafael Baca, Ulises Machuca, Horazio Sanchez, and Eleonor Niz.

The place is full of color and Mexican tradition. And not only in the dining room, the kitchen gives us Mexican dishes with fresh ingredients. Tacos, nachos, burritos, quesadillas, tostadas, ceviches and much more.

Anything you order you will like, all their dishes are very rich and combine perfectly with our next point.

Conquering Mexican ingredients and liquors.

In our beloved Tres Mentiras bar, many of their drinks contain Mexican liquors that bring the character and essence of the whole place to your mouth.

A new drink has recently been added that contains one of the most legendary drinks in all of Yucatán: Xtabentún liquor. This liquor has a very peculiar origin, the taste of honey and anise stand out in it.

Alan Ávalos, the mixologist at Tres Mentiras: ArtBar in Valladolid created a drink called “Rosa Mexicano”. This drink is the first to be made with Yucatecan liquor and also with a 100% Valladolid brand.

In addition to the wide variety of cocktails, there are other options such as beers and soft drinks.

Live music, a fun atmosphere.

Musicians and groups perform on the Tres Mentiras stage every week, you will come out more than happy, and I’m not just talking about alcoholic beverages, the pleasure of listening to live music in Valladolid is unmatched.

Don’t forget KARAOKE SUNDAY.

The facilities and staff will make you feel good. Visit Three Lies. Mexican Restaurant and ArtBar in Valladolid and have fun with your friends.