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The potter of Uayma

The potter of Uayma, VallaMapa

You have had the pleasure of meeting The potter of Uayma?

Mr. Emilio Espadas is a potter who lives and works in Uaymá, Yucatán. His work is almost a rarity in this area, where most artisans produce leather goods or embroidered garments.
His workshop is simple, there is not even a sign. Although as everyone in town knows him, it is easy to find his shop. With a friendly demeanor, if you stop by his workshop, Don Emilio has no problem in chatting with you for a while.

We visited him back in October, just a day or two before the Day of the Dead celebration. We went looking for clay plates or jars to decorate our altar of the dead. He welcomed us with great pleasure and told us a little about his work. We even made a video, take a look!

The video has subtitles in English. Just turn them on by clicking on the gear icon in the YouTube player.
Of course, when visiting his workshop we almost forgot what our mission was and ended up buying things for our personal use as well.

The potter of Uayma, VallaMapa

And the thing is that once you see the pieces, it is very difficult to resist buying something.
If you like having beautiful and unique things in your house, then maybe you should make a visit to Mr. Espadas’ workshop.

Pieces of pottery everywhere…

His favorite pieces are plates and glasses or cups, although you can find much more: bowls, pots, candlesticks, dolls, whistles, sauce jars and snacks bowls…
The pieces are made with clay from the region and you can choose between different shades, which depend on the type of wood that was used for firing the pieces.

There are black, orange and reddish colors. Some pieces can show streaks of two different colors. Since a traditional stone and wood oven is used, the result is highly variable, but undoubtedly very beautiful.
I dream of going one day to choose my own and beautiful tableware…

The potter of Uayma: Emilio Espadas.

And I’m convinced there is no better way to help a craftsman than to buy his products, but also to tell them how much you like their work and thank them for it.

If you are thinking of renovating your tableware or are in need of buying some accessories for your home (or even to buy a gift!), visit Mr. Espadas in Uaymá.

We are sure that you will love his work!

Important: prepare yourself with some cash. There’s no card reader in the shop, nor an ATM available in Uayma.