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The Mayan House

The Mayan House, VallaMapa

The Mayan house: one of the most important aspects of the Mayan culture. And fortunately, a tradition that remains alive throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

You may notice that they have a certain orientation, or that some are square, others are round. You can also notice that they have two symmetrical doors.

Discover in this blog the wonderful theories of the construction of this house. After knowing them, you will want to live in one of them.

The Mayan House: Characteristics

Mayan houses have interesting characteristics such as: the shape of construction, square or round and built at specific cardinal points.

You will see that the doors of the houses are oriented from east to north; taking advantage of the sunlight that illuminates the interior of the houses in the morning.

Square and round shapes

The pre-Hispanic Mayans believed that the world was square and that it was supported by four porters.

These chargers were known as Bacabes, each one representing a cardinal point with their respective colors.

Each color: red for the east, white for the north, black for the west and yellow for the south. Likewise, each cardinal point has its guardian who are the chakes.

Mayan houses are built rounded so that the air from hurricanes passes to the sides of the houses.

Building a Mayan house is all a wisdom and cultural heritage of our Mayan ancestors.

The xa’an or huano is used to make the roof of the Mayan house. It is a material resistant to water, to the sun and they are more resistant when they are smoked with the smoke of the stove.

The huano or xa’an, in Mayan, is cut from the mountain and taken to where the structure of the house is. The fresh leaves of the huano are left to dry in the sun, and are used on the roof of the houses.

The triangular shape of the roof of the Mayan house was taken from the constructions of pre-Hispanic Mayan temples. This shape gives you height, freshness and space to store things.

The influence of the moon

Wooden houses last for many years and it is due to the moon, yes, you read that right: to the moon!

The Mayan grandparents believe that on a full moon, it is the right time to cut all the wood. This very specific moment, according to the residents, prevents termites from affecting the wood.

A Mayan house is much more than meets the eye. It is an ecological, fresh and cheap house!

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