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The best cenotes near Valladolid

The best cenotes near Valladolid, VallaMapa

The first time I arrived in Valladolid I was struck by the beauty of the city and the nobility of the people of Valladolid. A quiet, safe town with hundreds of places to visit.

The nature that surrounds it is so impressive that it calls you like a great magnet. Really being in the middle of the Mayan jungle is an experience that you must live in Yucatan.

The adventure: the jungle in Yucatan and its beautiful cenotes.

When hiking or taking a tour through these places it is very common to feel suffocated and hot, the high temperatures and the high percentage of humidity can cause discomfort, but do not fear, the cenotes will change the whole panorama in just a few minutes.

Cenotes in Valladolid.

One of the things that I loved about this place were the cenotes, and not only because of their majesty and mysticism, but also because of their quantity. In the surroundings of this small city you can visit more than 15 cenotes.

The cold waters of the cenotes are ideal to spend a sunny afternoon in the Yucatan Peninsula, you can have fun in the company of your whole family.

So if you’re ready, check out The best cenotes near Valladolid Yucatan and make your vacation an explosion of fun and emotions on the surface.

Cenotes with unforgettable experiences in Valladolid

Hacienda Oxman Cenote 

The best cenotes near Valladolid, VallaMapa

An Ex-Hacienda very close to Valladolid that will leave you enchanted. The main building is in very good condition and maintains the elements of its original construction. Surely you will take very good photos for your feed.

The cenote has an ideal liana to have a fun time with your friends and cool off in the waters of this great cenote. The vest is mandatory and is included in the price you pay at the entrance.

There are two options, pay only the entrance to the cenote, life jacket and pool ($150) or a package that includes the same access, adding a bonus of $250 that is returned to the client to be used in the hacienda restaurant ($300).

Cenote Suytun

A cenote that you have surely seen in photos on social networks. Cenote Suytun has cabins where you can stay a couple of nights, you will find a pool and the famous cenote with a concrete path that allows you to walk to its center.

By making reservations at their cabins, you get free access to the cenote. In addition to this cenote where you can swim, there is a smaller one that is not open to the public and you can only observe.

Note: The use of the vest is mandatory.

Hacienda Selva Maya – Cenote Saamal

A place full of experiences to let you be conquered by Valladolid. Hacienda Selva Maya has some options that will surely delight more than one in search of adventure in Valladolid, Yucatan.

Zip lines, cenote, restaurant, bike rental, souvenir shop and spaces for private events.

The opening hours are the same for almost all the cenotes that are close to Valladolid: from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Cenote Chichikan 

The complete experience is in Chichikan, and even more so if you love learning about the history and culture of a region as beautiful as Valladolid, Yucatan. On the way, before reaching the cenote you will pass through different stations where local people will explain the different customs of the Mayan culture.

Once you have finished you can go to the cenote and remember how beautiful (and cold) they are.

An excellent option for families who like to delve into the Mayan culture without leaving aside the fun. Remember that they have locker services for your stuff.

The cost varies depending on the package.

Cenote Secreto Maya 

A beautiful cenote in the middle of the jungle that will captivate you with the experience. The facilities (with the exception of the cenote) are totally pet-friendly.

In Cenote Secreto Maya it is possible to stay in some of its rooms that they put at our disposal, contract a package as a couple and enjoy the day in its pool, surrounded by the Mayan jungle.

Discover one of the most mystical and ancient environments.

Due to its beautiful facilities, you may find its romantic dinner services available, a true Mayan experience that you must live. Personally, it is one of the best cenotes that I have visited near Valladolid.

Cenote Pueblo Fantasma 

This is one of my favorite cenotes, it’s a cavern with a small entrance… but don’t get carried away, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll see down there. A cenote with giant stalactites and stalagmites. The water in this cenote is very clear and to keep it that way you must take a bath before entering.

Another experience that you will not regret living. This huge Cenote Pueblo Fantasma project has it all. The most beautiful cenote near Valladolid
, restaurant, temazcal, cabins, Mayan tour and small ceremonies within the tour. The cenote is quite impressive to look at.

All the staff is ready to serve you and give you one of the best cenote tours you will experience in Yucatan. Enjoy an underground paradise, eat deliciously and get to know the most beautiful traditions of the region!!!

Cenote Hubiku

This cenote is located in a nearby town called Temozón. It is one of the cenotes with the largest diameter in the area and has platforms built so that you can enjoy the cenote without swimming all the time.

The entrance package has a cost of $300 Mexican pesos. This package includes entrance to the cenote, a life jacket, a tour of the tequila museum, and tastings.

It is an ideal experience to live with friends and during the summer. Don’t forget your waterproof camera!

Cenote Xuux – Pek 

A great amusement complex for you and your family. In Xuux Pek you can find a large cavern cenote where you can row a boat. You can also find a dry cenote ready to explore.

The Gampling and its rooms are an excellent option to spend the night in a quiet place near the center of Valladolid.

Rent your bike or walk along the trail of more than 1km and enter the jungle.

Visit cheap cenotes in Valladolid, Yucatan

Cenote Zací 

The cenote that is located within Valladolid and just 3 blocks from Parque Francisco Cantón Rosado, the main square of the city.

Admission is one of the cheapest in the area ($30 pesos). The opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and I recommend you to attend as early as you can, being in the center of the city there are usually a lot of people after 10 in the morning.

At the exit of this cenote you can eat some traditional Yucatecan dish in its restaurant.

Cenote K’ Om Ha 

This cenote is located 15 minutes from the center of Valladolid, in a very nice and quiet town called Tekom. The cenote has an access cost of $25 and an extra cost for the life jacket.

This cenote has a very big advantage, you hardly find people, so most likely (if you attend early) you can swim by yourself.

Cenotes de Dzitnup: Xkeken y Samulá 

If you want to go to the cenotes of the town of Dzitnup there are several options. You can get to the place in your car, it will only take 11 minutes to get there. Are you planning to travel to Valladolid without a car? it is possible, read our blog

Another option is to dare to adventure and visit our friends at ATV Adventours, with them you can take an ATV tour through a path through the jungle, after a very fun and extreme tour you can go down to the Dzitnup cenotes.

There are 2 cenotes there, at the entrance you can pay access to both cenotes or just one; I personally recommend you visit the two cenotes. One of them is cave and the other is a semi-open cenote.

Cenote Xlakaj 

A little crowded cenote, with a very accessible price, crazy. $25 pesos for the entrance to the Xocén cenote, a quiet town full of friendly and attentive people.

There is a concrete base that can be filled with water, giving the effect of a wading pool ready for your children to enjoy a good time in the water.

Enjoy and respect The best cenotes near Valladolid

The main rule for swimming in a cenote is that you must take a shower before entering. These ecosystems are very delicate, and their contamination can result in an ecological catastrophe.