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The best breakfast restaurants in Valladolid

The best breakfast restaurants in Valladolid, VallaMapa

As in this blog we take care of giving you the best recommendations within the city of Valladolid, we have decided to tell you about the best restaurants for breakfast in Valladolid, we are sure that you will be happy and satisfied with any option you choose.

The best breakfast restaurants in Valladolid

The day begins with a good coffee and a breakfast that fills you with energy. For this reason, we are going to recommend the 5 best restaurants for breakfast in Valladolid.

Canto Encanto.

Inside a traditional Casona, the Canto Encanto cafeteria is open every day from 8 am to 3 pm. For this and much more it is a quiet and cozy place, its second floor has very nice balconies that overlook the beautiful streets of downtown Valladolid.

How to get to Canto Encanto.

The best breakfast restaurants in Valladolid, VallaMapa

The house specialty is artisan bread and fruit jams. If you have the opportunity and you like these delicacies, you have to try them. Their avocado toast is really good and they have a sandwich with rye bread that they make themselves. It’s delicious.

Yerbabuena del Sisal.

To begin I tell you that this ideal place to have breakfast in Valladolid is totally Pet-Friendly. This is because the space is open and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Here you can find all kinds of breakfasts as well as an extensive menu of juices and smoothies with natural fruits and high-quality ingredients.

Ask about their menu on this button.

El Atrio del Mayab.

Located right in the center of the city and next to the Cathedral of San Servacio is a restaurant that opens every day of the week from 7 am. You know, for those who start the adventure very early and need to walk through the cenotes and pyramids with a lot of energy.

In the menu you can find some breakfasts with the Yucatecan touch that visitors so desire.

Reserve here for the Atrio del Mayab.


A different hotel full of Yucatecan magic that will leave you impressed. The greenery and the relaxing design will captivate you every second. Its palm roofs and the white stone of the construction clear the mind to be able to enjoy your food in the most satisfactory way possible.


Lonchería Olich.

Do you want to have a traditional Valladolid breakfast?

Well, go to Lonchería Olich and discover the true flavor of a typical Valladolid breakfast or lunch.

The specialty of the house are the Yucatecan snacks such as salbutes and panuchos, but it also has some delicious red chilaquiles that you will love. And in the drinks we find the popular ones within the inhabitants of Valladolid: Lemon water with chaya or cucumber with chaya. These ingredients really make this water 100% delicious and refreshing.

There are many restaurants in Valladolid, so don’t worry, if you didn’t find what you were looking. Don’t be afraid to go for a walk and explore the streets of this beautiful city. They will surely find you with a place to take food or drinks as you need it.

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