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The beautiful church of Uayma

The beautiful church of Uayma, VallaMapa

In the town of Uayma, and just 10 minutes from Valladolid, there is a very striking and different church. It is very little known by tourists in Yucatan: the Ex – Convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

This beautiful church arises in a difficult time for the Mayan people, in an environment of battle and resistance. The Spanish were willing to colonize and modify everything they saw in their path at will. From customs to religion, a change that lasted years and that mistreated one of the wisest and most powerful cultures in the pre-Hispanic world.

The beautiful church of Uayma, VallaMapa

One of the most striking Catholic temples in Yucatan rises.

In 1646 this Convent was built with remains of Mayan city ruins. This temple of the viceroyalty housed the Franciscans. Religious who were evangelizing an entire population by mandate of the Spanish empire.

It was built with patios and large areas to be able to indoctrinate large numbers of people. This church has a single nave that has spectacular walls, you will really be impressed. It is the only one of its kind in the entire region, and its colors are rarely seen in other temples in Yucatán.

This temple has 1 nave, two side doors and a wooden gate in front. The atrium is large and the interior decorations are simple. The budgets for these constructions went to the creation of convents. The convents were to house many Catholics and indigenous people.

The rose windows on the walls give it a unique view, and the colors make this visit to Uayma a great experience.

The history of the beautiful church of Uayma.

In 1863, during the bloody Caste War, the original construction was destroyed, leaving only ruins in its place.

It is until 2004, after a very long process of restoration, the church is reopened to the public. The colors, rosettes and internal ornaments remained identical to the originals.

It is said that the distinctive red color of the church tries to give a meaning of the sacrifice that Christ made. A very distinctive element of the beautiful church of Uayma is found in its facade. A double-headed eagle that represents the Spanish empire (House of Asturias), dedicated to rigorously subdue the conquered peoples.

This church is open and ready for you to take advantage of the most instagrammable spots in Yucatan.

Standing in front of this church is a unique experience, its magnificence makes you reflect on the Spanish power in the Mexican territory, also visiting this town is a great option, the locals are very friendly and it is the cradle of pottery in the state.