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Six Museums and Galleries in Valladolid, that you should visit

Six Museums and Galleries in Valladolid, that you should visit, VallaMapa

If you like art and history and are planning to visit Valladolid, here we tell you about six museums and galleries that you should know. Then, in valladolid you will find as well, cultural life!

1. Moloch house

Our first recommendation of these six museums and galleries in Valladolid is Casa Moloch. Which isn’t only an art gallery-workshop, it is also a place where you can stay. Could you imagine waking up and having breakfast while appreciating art works? Or stroll in the courtyard and have a pottery class close at hand? Well, this is possible at Casa Moloch.

This incredible house-gallery-workshop was founded by Aura and Horazio Sánchez, who live with a friendly dog, a kitten and chickens. Casa Moloch is located at calle 37 204b between 46 and 48. You can get there on foot from the ADO bus station.

In the gallery there are paintings, prints, photography, ceramics and art-objects by local and international artists. Even the works made by Horazio, the host. In the workshop they offer pottery classes, drawing classes, theater workshops and much more.

At Casa Moloch they organize events such as: open-air cinema, painting exhibitions, poetry, concerts or book presentations. If you are interested in attending any of their events, you can consult them on their fanpage.

2. Chocostory Museum -Valladolid

If you are a fan of chocolate and want to have an interactive experience, this museum is a great option. It is located in the central square of Valladolid on Calle 40 by 37 and 39.

This museum has 12 rooms that address the history of cocoa and its importance in the Mayan culture. Plus, the process of making chocolate, its commercialization and industrialization in Europe, up to its current situation.

Moreover, in the museum shop you can taste delicious samples of chocolate that is made in the region. An interesting fact is that a Belgian company founded this museum in 2018, if you want to know more, visit their site.

3.Ik-Kan Gallery

Image from ik_kan_mexico

The Mayan word “Ik-Kan” means the wind and the serpent and is the name of this interesting gallery. Founded in 2016 by the Argentine artist Irene Altamirano and the Mexican artist Rafael Baca. It is located on Calle 36 x 37 y 39, in the center of Valladolid.

The objective of this gallery is the investigation, innovation, creation and sale of Mexican popular art. They specialize in masks, alebrijes and skulls with the cartonería technique. If you want to know his work you can consult it on his site.

This Gallery offers three types of experiences to its visitors: guided tours, the “paint your alebrije” workshop and artistic stays. As well, these services are offered in Spanish and English.

In the guided tours you will learn about the creative process of alebrijes, masks and skulls through the cartonería technique. In the workshop “paint your alebrije” you will experience the process of decorating an alebrije. Also, you will learn the history, mythology, legends and symbols involved. In the artistic stays, they look for the artists to develop their creative skills by decorating an alebrije from start to finish.

4. Paredes Gallery

This gallery belongs to Enrique Paredes, who offers personalized decorative paintings and custom murals. Besides, to exhibiting and selling his own works such as the Fusion Frida-Catrina.

Some of the works made are pet’s portraits or personalized paintings sent to countries such as Germany and France. Furthermore, they paint murals for local businesses, for example, the “Ceremonia maya cha’a chaak” It is a mural for the Yaxkin restaurant.

Also, they offer painting courses for the general public. If you are looking for art at affordable prices, learn to paint or simply delight your eyes, Galería Paredes is a good option. It is located on Calle 37 on the corner of Calle 36, in the center of Valladolid.

5. Murem museum

Murem means museum of ethnic clothing from Mexico. And it pays tribute to the traditional and contemporary textile art and design of the different ethnic groups of the country. The objective of this museum is to acquire and preserve Mexican ethnic clothing. It also seeks to tell the story of those who wear these garments in their daily lives, which remain a living memory.

This museum was founded by Tey Mariana Stiteler, a Mexican-American. Also, she is a great admirer of these textile jewels, therefore, she decided to found the museum. As well, this Museum was awarded at the end of 2020 by and the TUI Care Foundation, as one of the best tourism companies in Mexico.

This museum has the social mission of supporting the economy of the families of Valladolid and other surrounding communities. To do this, they created the project “Maya Mix-six, a package that contains 6 face masks embroidered by these families.” If you want to collaborate with this cause you can do it on their site:

6. Bee Museum in Xkopek

Image from

Xkopek is a beekeeping park located at Calle 57 x 36 y 38. Very close to the historic center of Valladolid

This is a family project founded in 2016. Its objective is to spread, rescue and preserve traditional Mayan beekeeping. In addition to making known the fascinating world of honey and bees.

In this incredible place you can find a large part of the culture and beekeeping tradition characteristic of the region. The park offers diverse experiences, products and services. For example: beekeeping tour, Mayan cuisine, a honey store, a farm, camping and the bee museum.

In this small museum you will learn about the history of beekeeping and its importance for the Mayans and in the world. An important fact is that the melipona bee does not have a sting and is a representative species of the region. In fact, Yucatan has 17 endemic species and its honey is one of the most exported to the whole world. If you want to learn this and much more, be sure to visit this museum.

We hope you will visit soon one of these six museums and galleries in Valladolid, we are sure that you will love them. We also suggest you visit: the murals of the Municipal Palace, the San Roque Museum, the Museum of the ex-convent of San Bernardino de Siena.