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Being a clown is a serious thing

Being a clown is a serious thing, VallaMapa

At least that is the impression that gives us when we talk to one of our neighbors in Valladolid: Aziz Gual.

Aziz is a renowned Mexican clown artist who chose Valladolid as his happy place to relax. Recently he was here, hiding from the COVID pandemic, and we had the opportunity to see him (from afar) and talk about his profession.

And the thing is that, when you meet someone who tells you that he is a clown, a thousand thoughts pass through your mind: a clown for children’s parties? Does he work in the circus? Does he travel the world as we see in the movies?

If you ask yourself these questions, click play to see the interview and learn more about Aziz Gual. And yes, you will find the answers in the video ; )

The video has subtitles, just make sure to activate the option directly in your youTube player.

Aziz catches you with his conversation, and it is evident that he takes his profession very seriously.

From his point of view, a professional clown won’t seek only to cause laughter using an easy joke. Instead, he will tell stories that arouse an emotion in you, and with which you can identify. In other words, being a clown is an art.

Also, Aziz never misses the opportunity to surprise you with a trick or make you smile. He is certainly an expert in connecting with your inner child!

Who’s Aziz Gual?

Being a clown is a serious thing, VallaMapa

Aziz Gual is a Mexican professional clown, a graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

He is a Clown artist who has traveled to many countries presenting his shows. For a few months now he has been a neighbor of Valladolid. He comes to his home in Valladolid when he needs some rest and to gather inspiration for new shows.

His house in Valladolid reflects his creative side, showcasing paintings and drawings that he makes himself. Little by little he has turned this place into a pleasant and calm haven for him to rest and generate new ideas.

Something we can totally relate to, because…Valladolid is beautiful!

Play the video and learn more about Aziz Gual.