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San Roque Museum; the past of Valladolid

San Roque Museum; the past of Valladolid, VallaMapa

In places like Museo de San Roque; Valladolid’s past is kept within walls, discover why Valladolid was named a heroic city.

Firstly, the conquest of the Spanish forced the Mayan indigenous people to withdraw to the neighboring communities and towns, leaving the main cities such as Mérida and Valladolid for the conquerors, their haciendas and their workers, this allowed customs and traditions to permeate to the present day, remaining afloat thanks to the generations they inherited from the Mayan language to clothing and culinary traditions.

Safeguarding the history of Yucatán

This is how many of the cultural remains are in safekeeping and in good condition so that you can observe them and get to know a little more about this fantastic city.

San Roque Museum; the past of Valladolid, VallaMapa

You will love being able to observe that Valladolid was an important historical place. National historical movements have a direct beginning or relationship with this city.

San Roque Museum; the past of Valladolid.

The San Roque museum is located in the Centro neighborhood, on Calle 41 núm. 193 x 38 and 40. This museum was installed in what was a Franciscan Convent, later it became a hospital. For this reason, you will be able to observe that the facade and the exterior of the building have the typical colonial features. During the sunset this building looks beautiful and full of gallantry.

The entrance to the place is totally free and you can hire a guide service to receive more information. The objects and vestiges are cultural heritage of the economy, customs and traditions of the ancient Mayan city Zací. Make no mistake, Zací was what we know today as the city of Valladolid and in the San Roque Museum; Valladolid’s past you will be able to get to know it better.

The place is simple and very beautiful, without a doubt you will have a good experience and very good photographs. After visiting it, you can go to the Francisco Cantón Rosado park that is only a couple of streets from the museum to enjoy a delicious marquesita or a snow while you sit in the shade of a tree.

We recommend you check their opening hours and days, you can find it on the internet by typing Museo San Roque Valladolid.

Do not forget to visit Valladolid, Valladolid people are eagerly waiting for you to get to know their city and its culture. If you want to know even more museums in Valladolid, visit this blog.