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Museo de Ropa Étnica de México – Valladolid

Museo de Ropa Étnica de México – Valladolid, VallaMapa

Learn a little about the history of Mexico through traditional clothing at Museo de Ropa Étnica de México – Valladolid


According to a 2018 CNDH report, in Mexico, there are more than 56 ethnic groups or indigenous groups. It is these cultures that have passed down thousands of traditions from generation to generation.

In most of these communities, traditions and cultural traits have remained in place. In some others, on the contrary, traditions have been lost due to the modernization of these regions.

The legacy of indigenous cultures such as the Nahuatl, Maya, Zapotec, Mixteca, Otomí, Totonaca, Tzotzil, and many others has become a treasure that must be safeguarded as part of our cultural identity.

MUREM – Parque de San Juan, Valladolid, Yucatán.

Creating enriching spaces

One of the most beautiful customs and traditions, which undoubtedly represents and gives a distinctive image to an indigenous community, are traditional clothing and clothing.

Each piece of these fascinating costumes is done in a traditional way. All the garments show with merit the beauties of each community; the colors and character of each garment carry with them the essence of our roots.

The courage and joy of the Mexican heart are expressed in the compositions of each ensemble.

In MUREM, with the intention of protecting and presenting typical Mexican costumes, traditional clothing from various ethnic cultures has been collected.

The amount of clothing is large, and although there are not each and every one of those existing in the country, there are enough to get to know and get closer to the cultural heritage of the country.

Galleries inside the MUREM museum in Valladolid, Yucatán

The Mayan World Gallery

A gallery where you can find typical costumes from states like Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo. Colorful embroidery by artisans from these regions is featured in this gallery.

As the museum is located in Valladolid, Yucatán, it is to be expected that Yucatecan huipiles and suits abound in the room. The famous Yucatecan suit is an incomparable garment, the white color shows the beauty and intensity of the embroidered designs; Seeing it turns out to be quite a spectacle. Currently, it is used by Yucatecan women on special occasions or community festivities.

Stitches, cultural legacy through generations

In this room, you can find “dechados”. These are cloths with embroidery; different techniques and designs were made on him as a sample book. These models that we find in MUREM, show us the practice of 3 generations of women dedicated to embroidery in Yucatán.

Those in the lower part were made by Graciela Diaz Santiago de Yaxcabá, Yucatán, those in the lower part were made by her mother and those in the upper part by her grandmother. Amazing to be able to appreciate the cultural legacy through the generations.

Larsen Gallery

Temporary Exhibition: Sowing Traditions

An exhibition dedicated to the little ones at home. Seeking to bring children closer to their roots and their heritage, 16 traditional costumes for children from different parts of the country are shown.

The room is filled with traditional dolls and toys that have been used for generations in Mexico.

Mexico Diverse Gallery

All the elements exhibited in these rooms have a symbolism based on beliefs and religion. In this gallery you can find typical costumes from states such as Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacán and the center of the country.


Huaraches mexicanos.

Jaguar masks in Mexico have been used since pre-Hispanic times. They were used in traditional dances and celebrations with symbols of totemic deity. In states like Chiapas, Guerrero, Michoacán, Mexico City, Morelos and Oaxaca they tend to see each other more frequently.

You will love this collection in MUREM, enjoy the masks carved in wood, leather or fabric.

Huaraches and shawls

The huaraches and rebozos are an almost inherent complement to these traditional clothes, the elaboration of them follows the path of craftsmanship, everything is made by hand and personalized.

The amount of details in these elements can leave you impressed, I recommend you attend with time so that you can discover the beauty in each garment. MUREM is a divine place, which is worth visiting in Valladolid.

All its staff will make you feel at home and will be able to inform you in the best way. VISIT MUREM!