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Is it possible to visit Valladolid without a car?

Is it possible to visit Valladolid without a car?, VallaMapa

Surely, while making your itinerary to visit Valladolid, Yucatan, you have come to ask yourself this: Is it possible to visit Valladolid without a car?

Despite how small this city is, many tourists prefer (for convenience and effectiveness) to use a rental car. But what can I do if I can’t rent a car on my trip to Valladolid?

Getting around in trucks, taxis and bicycles in Valladolid

Is it possible to visit Valladolid without a car?, VallaMapa

Thanks to the fact that the city is small, I can give you some advice that your wallet will really like.

Getting around on foot in Valladolid

Walking through Valladolid to go to restaurants, bars, parks and museums is totally recommended. The only tip I can give you is to protect yourself well from the sun. The high temperatures during the day can be hell if you are not well prepared for it.

I love walking through Valladolid at night, the architectural style of the area gives unforgettable landscapes. Feel safe and enjoy the walk, you will not regret it.

For attractions that are outside the center or on the outskirts of the city, here are the options.

Rent a bike or scooter in Valladolid

A quick and inexpensive solution to get around Valladolid is to rent a bicycle. The prices are very accessible and the tranquility of the streets will keep you safe.

Be careful with the traffic signs, in Valladolid you will find traffic lights or stop signs. When you are about to cross making sure that you have the passage will be very valuable.

With our friends from MexiGo you can find bike rentals and many tours that may probably interest you. Also, in many of the hotels and restaurants in the city you will find bicycles for rent in Valladolid.

These types of establishments usually rent scooters or scooters. With either of these two options, it is much easier to visit the surrounding cenotes or the adventure activities that you can do in Valladolid.

For example, I take my bicycle and pedal to a couple of towns near the city: Chichimila, which is the first stop, and later Tekom, where you survey a very beautiful cenote where you can cool off to return.

Using taxis in Valladolid, good idea?

Now, if your thing is really not physical activity, there will always be a taxi or a person who will present their services to take you to one of these tourist destinations near Valladolid.

Going by taxi to the nearby cenotes and the Archaeological Zones from Valladolid is possible. You should take into account that the prices can be a bit high. Take care of your budget.

Also, you can ask a taxi in the city center to find out if they have this type of service available. If not, do not worry, in the downtown area there are some specific groups to visit destinations around Valladolid.

This place is magical, Xkopek is a beekeeping park in Valladolid, click on the image

If you have the opportunity to rent a car, things will be easier, what I recommend if you do it in Valladolid, is that you take into account the busiest hours in the center and look for parking in the streets surrounding this area.

There are no excuses, with the budget you have you can stroll in Valladolid, a Magical Town of Valladolid with many cenotes and fun.

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