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Ik-kan Art Design and Creation, a gallery in Valldolid

Ik-kan Art Design and Creation, a gallery in Valldolid, VallaMapa

Ik-kan Art Design and Creation, a gallery in Valldolid, a place to meet Mexican popular art.

If you want to know one of the most colorful places in Valladolid, you must visit this gallery – workshop in the center of the city.

Ik-kan Art Design and Creation, a gallery in Valldolid, VallaMapa

Ik-kan, teamwork and the sum of talents.

Irene Altamirano and Rafael Baca started this beautiful project together. For both, Mexico and its roots are valuable. His art is inspired by the fauna, colors and culture of a mystical country.

Taking advantage of their knowledge and experience in art, they came together to continue learning about this type of art: masks and alebrijes. In this constant advance and movement they reached Valladolid, where they decided to found Art Design and Creation.

Together they have created masks and alebrijes with the intention of giving a very personal definition to Mexican Popular Art. Uniting the oldest traditions, alebrijes and masks are created without comparison.

Unique pieces of alebrijes in Valladolid, Yucatán.

Alebrijes are a Mexican handicraft, these pieces are made with a cardboard technique that Irene and Rafael master in order to create the bodies of these wonders.

The bodies are usually combinations of animals or fantastic beings that come together to form a new being.

On the cardboard, the colors and patterns bring the alebrijes to life.

Masks and Skeletons.

In addition to the unique pieces of alebrijes they have a very interesting collection of masks and skeletons that are also created from scratch by this talented couple.

The best of visiting Ik-kan Art Design and Creation.

Many people ask me why I leave this gallery so smiling, the answer is simple. The treatment received by your hosts is warm and welcoming; the most beautiful thing is that Irene and Rafael are constantly working on pieces in their workshop.

Irene Altamirano working on her next piece.

Do not miss the opportunity to see a talented pair of alebrijeros working, it is a unique moment and of much admiration. The brushes and the material on the table will open a new perspective on the works of art that you see exposed.

I admire the work of Ik-kan Arte Diseño y Promoción, their pieces are impeccable and they can create whatever you have in mind. You just have to get in touch with them to make it happen.

Buy art in Valladolid

Acquiring one of these impressive pieces is possible; if you visit their online store or gallery you can choose from the available pieces. Supporting an artist and taking home such a beautiful piece is more satisfying than you can imagine.

Live the experience of painting an alebrije, in the company of the best teachers, enjoy an artistic experience like no other in Valladolid.

Ik – kan experience. Create your own alebrije in Valladolid