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Handmade leather crafts in Mexico

Handmade leather crafts in Mexico, VallaMapa

The origin of Handmade leather crafts in Mexico.

At the time of the Spanish colony, many animals such as cattle and sheep were brought from European cities. These animals began to be commercialized in the region of the peninsula. With the arrival of these animals, one of the most important trades in the region was born: leather.

Handmade leather crafts in Mexico, VallaMapa

Also known as saddlery, handmade leather crafts is a very old activity in our country. It is taught from generation to generation and the children enjoy being part of this beautiful and admirable Mexican tradition.

A trade that for many years has been carried out in dozens of cities in Mexico. He also brings a plate of food to the table of many families in southern Mexico.

What is a leather craft?

In this trade, animal skins such as beef, pork and sheep are used. Useful and beautiful items such as bags, covers, backpacks, shoes, sandals, belts, hats, purses and more are made.

The handmade leather crafts in Mexico process is hard work that regularly takes a few weeks to complete.

It all starts with washing and preparing the skin with different agents that help soften and fluff the skin; this with the aim of having a resistant, durable and comfortable product.

After subjecting the leather to different processes, the most creative process begins. All the pieces are cut, molded and sewn to form the products that are needed. The designs that decorate each piece are original from the artisans; as a final touch and they are made with threads of different colors and in different shapes.

Formerly only hand-sewn was used, each piece was joined and decorated with threads of different shades. The design is originally made by saddlers who have been doing it for generations.

Currently these craftsmen use a sewing machine. With this tool you save a lot of time, however it is still a time-consuming and laborious job.

Handmade leather crafts in Mexico

Therefore, in Chiapas and Yucatán you can often see many shops full of leather products: a beautiful Mexican handicraft that with its colors and designs will leave you amazed.

Especially in the city of Valladolid, we can find high quality leather items with very beautiful designs. Certainly people are used to wearing belts and sandals made of this material. They come in all sizes, types, and styles.

The price is really cheap when you think about how durable items made of leather are. Your comfort is guaranteed, yet saddlers make items for all kinds of tastes and needs.

Where to buy this products in Valladolid?

In the city of Valladolid there are different places in the town that you can visit, whenever you see a handicraft store you will surely find leather products made by hand.

In the Municipal Market (A must-see) you may find places that sell these beautiful and traditional products. You can also find a place in Calzada de los Frailes (Second mandatory route in Valladolid).

Support the local economy, it encourages the creation of handicrafts and. Value the work of entire families who carry out this Mexican trade full of tradition.