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Confident chairs in Yucatán

Confident chairs in Yucatán, VallaMapa

Have you ever seen Confident Chairs in Yucatán, a Yucatecan tradition?

Chairs “double”, “you and me”, “confidants” and “lovers” are some names that are given. This characteristic piece of furniture has become a fundamental part of the cultural identity; identity of a state rich in history and tradition: Yucatán.

Confident chairs in Yucatán, VallaMapa

The history of Confident Chairs

It was the 19th century in France when a piece of furniture similar to this was seen for the first time. A few linked armchairs were used by royal families as part of their daily lives, certainly allowing the one who used them, to sit up front and be able to chat and look at each other in a comfortable position.

It was the colonial era and the henequen industry was growing by leaps and bounds. Consequently in the 19th and 20th centuries the state economy was prospering and generating many jobs. In 1915, as a result of this industry, Yucatán began to grow exponentially. It begins to invest in the remodeling of parks and squares in the capital.

Confident chairs were placed for the first time in the Plaza Grande de Mérida. Later they began to become popular and join the list of tourist attractions in Yucatan.

“The Legend of Confident Chairs”

The origin and creation of these Yucatecan chairs is attributed to a man from a town near the state capital; To the discontent of the father, one of his daughters began to go out with a boy from the village. As this situation is not to the liking of the man, he decides to create a bench where the couple could sit facing each other and thus avoid contact between the two people.

The only way to keep permission to go out with him was if they used the chairs he had designed during their meeting. Perfect to maintain a considerable distance between each lover and calm the jealousy of the father began to reproduce these furniture.

The Chairs in the Parks of Yucatan.

In Yucatan, the confidant chairs also called “Chairs You and I” began to become popular within the largest city in the state: Mérida and many others such as Valladolid. They are regularly found in the main parks of the city.

In Mérida, you can find these chairs in many of its important park avenues; also in the Parque de Santa Lucía you can photograph yourself with some Giant Confident Chairs! I love this place, it is so impressive and fun to be able to get on the chairs and take a photo where you look like a tiny little person.

The Confident Chairs in Valladolid, Yucatán.


In Valladolid there are also some parks with these characteristic Yucatan chairs.

Taking a picture with the Confident Chairs in the “Main Park” Francisco Cantón Rosado “ is possible.

They are spread around the Fuente la Mestiza and you can perfectly see the Cathedral of San Servacio. The chairs are really comfortable; you can spend a romantic moment as a couple or with a friend. I recommend you visit them at night to enjoy a pleasant climate, the illuminated cathedral and taste a delicious marquesita.

Valladolid awaits you with the most fun family activities. Do not miss one of the most important destinations in the Yucatan state; Valladolid, Magical Town.