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Christmas dinners in Valladolid 2021

Christmas dinners in Valladolid 2021, VallaMapa

We know that the tradition of these dates is the preparation of Christmas dinner. The family gets together and they prepare the feast that brings us all together at the table.

Spending Christmas away from home has become increasingly common. Families book restaurant dinners and avoid the pain of cleaning a mountain of dishes the next day.

This Christmas of 2021, spend the best night of the year in Valladolid. Enjoy unforgettable moments in the company of your family, without the stress of cooking.

Christmas dinners in Valladolid 2021, VallaMapa

Christmas dinners in Valladolid 2021

In Valladolid there are some options that you will love, book in advance and enjoy this special day in the company of your family.

K’ UXUB Cocina de Arte

To start you should know that this place is very special, this restaurant belongs to one of the most beautiful hotels in the city, Le Muuch Hotel. K ’UXUB Cocina de Arte has prepared a very special dinner for you.

This Special Christmas Dinner in Valladolid will delight you with 3 courses, you will receive a small Christmas gift and you can enjoy a cart of marquesitas.

Be careful: the marquesitas cart will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., so arrive early.

San Giovanni Trattoria

An Italian food place that offers you a special package for Christmas in Valladolid. This time there are three different options in the Trattoria.

They will have two different packages for individual dinner and a special package for groups of more than 10 people. The atmosphere is very romantic, ideal for a dinner with your partner.

Tip: Reservations fly so you better contact them today.

Conato Valladolid

This hotel in Valladolid has let us see how beautiful the gardens can be in this city. A totally comfortable, private and cozy place. Ideal for your Christmas dinner. How does a grilled New York sound? Delicious…

Here below is the button where you can find the facebook page, enter, contact them and do not forget to book!

Zentik Project 

Visiting the Naino kitchen in Zentik is an experience that I recommend to anyone who comes to visit Valladolid, in addition to its beautiful facilities you can enjoy dishes that will leave you with a square eye.

For Christmas Eve, they have planned a three course dinner for you and your friends. You can check the costs and request more information on the hotel page.

The excuse is not to cook and to have the opportunity to take your family to a beautiful place like Valladolid.

Put together the perfect plan, have a delicious dinner and walk the streets of the most beautiful Magical Town in all of Yucatan.

Visit Valladolid! Visit Yucatan!

Vallamapa follows you wherever you go, download our tourist map of Valladolid and explore the best places and experiences in Valladolid.