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Cheap restaurants in Valladolid Yucatán

Cheap restaurants in Valladolid Yucatán, VallaMapa

Cheap restaurants in Valladolid Yucatan: the practical guide for those who like delicious food at a reasonable price.

Visiting the city of Valladolid for a short or long stay does not cost that much money, if you think you are going to spend a lot on food, that should not be an impediment to getting to know this beautiful city.

Conscious your palate by tasting these delicious Yucatecan foods, which will surely leave you with a good taste in your mouth at the end of the day.

El Sazón de Valladolid

El Sazón de Valladolid, is a restaurant that is characterized by serving Yucatecan food such as: poc chuc, the delicious smoked longaniza, panuchos, salbutes and cochinita pibil among a great variety.

The priority of the restaurant is to provide you with quality care and good service as you deserve.

Come and experience the taste of regional food, you will reach good prices.

Adress: Street 41 # 231 A x 48 & 50 Colonia Bacalar.

Phone: 985 119 0352

Price Range: $ 95 – $150

11:30 am – 19: 45 pm

Yucatecan Cuisine

Services: Takeaway, television, alcohol is served, payment is made in cash.

Yuum kaax: el buen sabor

In this place you will find Yucatecan dishes such as lime soup, tacos, the famous cochinita pibil, the traditional egg with longaniza and a long list of meals that are distinguished by their homemade flavor.

If you run out of cash, don’t worry, the establishment accepts credit cards.

Cheap restaurants in Valladolid Yucatán, VallaMapa

Adress: Street 42 #190 x 33 # 35 Candelaria

Phone: 985 109 6792

Price Range: $ 50-100

12:00 pm – 16:30 pm

Yucatecan and Mexican Cuisine

Services: Takeaway food, delivery.

El patio restaurante

This restaurant is characterized by being outdoors, the tables are in a large patio, which keeps the place always fresh and pleasant to eat.

The trees that are around provide shade, you will feel in a natural environment.

It has a rustic concept that combines with the colloquial life of the city.

The patio has a nice view inside, you will feel like you are at home. The food served is varied: roast beef, vegetarian food, tacos, burritos, smoked sausage, nachos and much more.

Adress: Street 37 X 46 & 48 Colonia Candelaria 

Phone: 985 109 6792

Price range: $90 – $120

12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Mexican and international food

Nena nena

The best quality with a touch of flavor that will leave you satisfied with its delicious dishes and its prices. In Nena Nena dishes are traditional food from the center of the country.

Look no further, this is the right place that will bring back memories of family meals, here you will find basket tacos, leg cake, chilaquiles and many more delicacies. Difficult to find in Valladolid a place where traditional dishes from the metropolitan area are sold.

Adress: Street 37 x 44 & 42 Centro

Phone: 985 133 4307

Price range: $35 – $135

10:00 am – 18:00 pm

Mexican Food

Services: Takeaway, Parking, Wheelchair Access, Cash Only, You Can Bring Your Own Beverage.

Échate un taco

If you are in Valladolid, visit this restaurant, it has a charming patio, the place is outdoors, so it is illuminated with natural light, you will feel the breeze while you enjoy your favorite tacos.

At night you can see the sky and the stars, the staff is extremely friendly, you can eat very well for a good price, it is a cozy place and the specialty will make you know the true taste of Mexico.

Adress: Street 41 X 48 & 50 Colonia Bacalar

Phone: 985 808 3720

8:00 am – 22:30 pm

Range Prices: $16 – $330 

Mexican Food

Services: Outdoor seating, parking, Wi-Fi, credit cards accepted.

La palapita de los tamales

It is a Yucatecan artisan restaurant where you will find homemade food and stews cooked over firewood, you will eat handmade corn tortillas.

In this place you will live the ancestral experience and enjoy Mayan cuisine such as chachacua, espelon, maculan, tamales, pollo pibil, poc-chuc and more.

Adress: Street 42 #181 x 33 & 35

Phone: 985 856 1701

Price range: $ 100-150

8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Yucatecan Cuisine

Services: Cash payment only, takeaway, parking.

La selva

This is the quintessential place to taste authentic panuchos, salbutes, broth, soup, and Yucatecan empanadas. It is definitely a good place for Yucatecan dinner.

Adress: Street 42 # 178 x 31 Santa Lucía.

Phone: 985 856 1162

Price range: $12 – $70 

8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Yucatecan Cuisine

Services: Takeout, TV, Alcohol Served.

Valladolid is characterized by its typical food, which arose from the combination of pre-Hispanic and Spanish cuisine. This combination resulted in delicious dishes such as black stuffing, papadzules, stuffed cheese, mechado, lentil stew, among others.

The flavors of Yucatecan cuisine are unique, the local ingredients are always fresh and you can find 100% original recipes. Enjoy it in the best way and discover traditional Yucatecan food in Valladolid.

Vallamapa accompanies you in every step you take, live Valladolid and enjoy your vacations.