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Cathedral of San Servacio in Valladolid

Cathedral of San Servacio in Valladolid, VallaMapa

Before telling you about the Cathedral of San Servacio in Valladolid you should know a little about the city. To the east of the state, a very popular colonial city has risen on the Yucatan Peninsula. Hundreds of tourists come together to visit this Magical Town and enjoy the best seasons in Valladolid.

Cathedral of San Servacio in Valladolid, VallaMapa

The city of Valladolid is located 159 km from the city of Mérida and 156 km from Cancun. Its strategic location makes this a mandatory stop on the itineraries of travelers traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula.

What makes this city unique are its beautiful sunsets, its huge churches, an old former convent and many cenotes with crystal clear water where you can swim. You will end up loving this colonial destination in Mexico.

The tourist attractions in Valladolid are too many and you can spend a few days visiting museums, cenotes and restaurants.

The Cathedral of San Servacio: an obligatory stop for tourists in Valladolid.

And of course, one of the most visited places is in the city center. The most photographed place in Valladolid is the Cathedral of San Servacio.

This cathedral was built for the first time in the year 1545, this as a symbol of power and control over the religion of the Mayan culture. In 1703 it underwent a remodeling and was built again, now placing the entrance of the church on 41st Street and not 43rd as it used to work.

The imposing church of Valladolid.

The cathedral has thick masonry walls and the façade is made of finely carved stone with some ornaments and floral figures.

Measuring approximately 15 meters high, the church’s façade is protected by two towering towers with a bell tower. At the top of the towers there are two carved stone crosses. Standing in front of this cathedral is always a very impressive sight.

You can visit the cathedral during the day but if you have the opportunity to see it at night, it is a totally different image when the lighting changes. The church is open only for Catholic worship that takes place at different times of the day.

Visit the church of Valladolid, Yucatán.

Enter if you are allowed to follow the hygiene rules during the pandemic. Walk through its patios and go around it to see its lateral buttresses and some statues also carved in stone.

If you have the opportunity to enter, you will see a Churrigueresque style atrium divided into four parts that contain some images. Inside you can see some interesting things but this type of church shows its beauty mostly on the outside.

In front of this cathedral you will find the Francisco Cantón Rosado park where you can take a seat on a bench while you admire this majestic temple in front of you.

Valladolid is always a good option for tourists, visit us and fall in love with the most beautiful Magic Town in Yucatan.