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Fruits of the Yucatan

While there are many traditional fruits like bananas, oranges, and apples, there are also many new and exotic fruits. If you love trying new flavors, be sure to give a try to the Yucatecan fruits.

5 reasons to visit El Cuyo Yucatan

The Yucatecan coasts are best known for their white beaches and beautiful emerald waters. But also, for being home to a large number of birds, such as pink flamingos and other endemic species.

Cenotes: entrances to the Mayan underworld

For the pre-hispanic Mayans, the cenotes were entrances to the Mayan underworld, a place where the deities that give life to human beings live.

Is it safe to swim in a cenote?

Knowing this type of natural paradises is an experience that you will never forget, totally magical, but you must take this information before you go!

Zoo in Valladolid – Vallazoo

This place is a treasure that very few know, Vallazoo is an ideal opportunity to give your children and family an unforgettable moment. Zoo, boat rowing, miniature golf, villas and much more.

Survival tips for vacationing in El Cuyo Yucatan

El Cuyo is a small fishing village, perfect for relaxing, doing water sports, and enjoying nature. Its soft white sands and waters that vary from emerald green to turquoise blue are a gift for everyone

The beautiful church of Uayma

Being in Uayma and not visiting his church is a mistake. This building has very peculiar colors and a very different design from other churches in Yucatan.

10 things to do in Valladolid, Yucatán

If you are visiting this beautiful Magical Town of Valladolid and you still don’t know what to do then this blog is dedicated specifically for you.