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Join the Carnival in Valladolid Yucatan

Carnival is a traditional celebration in Valladolid, where locals and visitors alike dress in a colorful way to spread joy around town.

Day trip to Las Coloradas, in Yucatan

This small town has become a popular destination for its pink water lagoon. If you are in Valladolid, you can not miss this place.

Yucatecan embroiderers

Let’s support local commerce and boost the economy of many Yucatecan families, get to know the world of Yucatecan embroidery.

5 desserts you must try in Yucatan

Much of the Yucatecan gastronomy can be seen with the naked eye in the streets and restaurants, but don’t forget the Yucatecan desserts.

Looking for the Perfect Cenote for a photo shoot

Without a doubt, the first thing we think of when we see these photos is how beautiful they are, the tranquility they convey to us and, with many of them, they make us want to be there.
But do we ever think about all the effort behind them?

Tips for visiting Chichén-Itzá

Check out these essential recommendations for your next visit to the Chichén-Itzá Archaeological Zone.

Camping options near Valladolid

If you like camping, there are several options near Valladolid. We share some of them in this article.

The Mayan House

Why are Mayan houses built? Its orientation and some characteristics of the construction.

Being a clown is a serious thing

A clown for children’s parties? Does he work in the circus? Does he travel the world as we see in the movies?

Cathedral of San Servacio in Valladolid

Get to know the beautiful Yucatecan colonial architecture and discover the imposing churches of Yucatan starting with the San Servacio Cathedral in Valladolid.