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Casa Moloch – House Gallery Workshop – Valladolid

Casa Moloch – House Gallery Workshop – Valladolid, VallaMapa

Today I want to tell you about a very special place, Casa Moloch – House Gallery Workshop- Valladolid. I don’t want you to leave the city without getting to know him, if you like art, you won’t regret it.

Casa Moloch – House Gallery Workshop – Valladolid, VallaMapa

In the center of the city, you will find many attractions and places to visit, Valladolid has grown a lot in the recent years and with it new attractions come to pamper us.

Casa Moloch – House Gallery Workshop – Valladolid

I will start with a phrase that the hosts mention a lot: “Casa Moloch is home for those who appreciate art”

Upon entering you will see different murals by local and national artists, each wall has a work that fills with life even before entering the house.

Inside, pictorial paintings, lithographs and pieces of art will catch your eye.

A cozy place in a traditional little house, what more could you ask for? The structure of this house allows the light to bathe every corner and breathe peace while our eyes are delighted with each work.


The specialty of the house is the ceramics and drawing workshops that Aura and Horacio teach on the premises.

Discover the process of a ceramic piece and learn from enthusiastic artists who share their knowledge with guests and visitors. If you are looking for artistic happiness, I recommend you take one of these classes that we have mentioned.

Take a breath, get out of the routine and activate your senses in this magical space. Take your whole family and have a good time during your visit to Yucatan.

You can take just one class or many more, depending on your itinerary and your plans in the city.


This location is dedicated and focused on local, national and international artists who seek to share their work and talent. That is why art galleries are a constant here. While painting abounds, there are also some photography exhibitions.

I recommend you pay attention to their facebook page to find out about all the events that take place. You can find concerts of musicians and dance performances.

Lodging at Casa Moloch – House Gallery Workshop – Valladolid

This place has rooms available. Imagine spending a few days in a beautiful magical town and in contact with the art of artists in Yucatan.

If you rent some of its rooms you can live the experience of creating a piece of ceramics and delve into the world of plastic art; whether for the first time or not, you will love it.

Visit Casa Moloch and share with art lovers who want to have a good time in Valladolid.

Calle C. 37 204B, Centro, 97784 Valladolid, Yuc.