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5 reasons to visit El Cuyo Yucatan

The Yucatecan coasts are best known for their white beaches and beautiful emerald waters. But also, for being home to a large number of birds, such as pink flamingos and other endemic species.

If you find yourself vacationing in Valladolid, you might be wondering if it’s worth visiting the north coast of Yucatan. In this article, we share 5 reasons why you should visit El Cuyo.

5 reasons to visit El Cuyo Yucatan

1. The colors

El Cuyo has the atmosphere of a quiet fishing village, with colorful houses everywhere! On the other hand, the beaches have impressive white dunes surrounded by coastal plants. Also the water has a beautiful emerald color that you won't ever forget!

2. Prices are low compared to Quintana Roo

Beach, sun, relaxation … for a much lower cost. Do we need to say more?But we will say one more thing: El Cuyo is becoming a mecca for kite surfing. If you're into this sport, you must come!

3. Lodging for every taste and budget

El Cuyo has much more affordable accommodations, compared to the Riviera Maya. This is still a small town, so the places are quite basic but comfortable and clean. Plus, there are plenty of options available in airbnb.

4. The seafood is excellent

If you are a lover of seafood, the food of Cuyo will surprise you!Even though the local cuisine is quite basic, all seafood is fresh and you can try some local fare such as octopus, fish, and lobster.

5. Tranquility

If you are trying to escape from stress, El Cuyo is the ideal place since there is no traffic or crowds, and internet is not widely available, which is the perfect combination that allows you to really disconnect.

El Cuyo is a great destination for those looking for a place off the beaten path. Another advantage that you can reach it by bus or car, it is not necessary to take a boat to get to the beach.

Don't miss the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful beaches in Yucatan.

Enjoy your visit!