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5 desserts you must try in Yucatan

5 desserts you must try in Yucatan, VallaMapa

Let’s start well, here I am going to leave you 5 desserts that you must try in Yucatan. There is no option, so you should try yes or yes.

Tourists come not only to see cenotes, beaches, churches and museums, they are also very interested in gastronomy. The route they must take to try the typical dishes of Yucatan is long and highly recommended.

Within the Yucatecan cuisine there is an aspect that you cannot miss. Yucatecan desserts are often forgotten by diners in restaurants and kitchens in Yucatán.

That is why we leave you a small list of the best Yucatecan desserts that you must try.

Top 5 Yucatecan desserts you cannot miss.

1. Sweet papaya.

5 desserts you must try in Yucatan, VallaMapa
Papaya has a very prolific season in Yucatán

A mixture of water, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon is made. It is placed on the fire to boil for an hour and a half, then the previously cleaned papaya is added. As you can imagine, this fruit is flooded with this sweet mixture and it may seem like too much for the palate, but when you bite into it, the taste of the fruit and the molasses make the perfect combination.

2. Meringues.

The base ingredients of this dessert, which by the way is my favorite, are egg white and sugar. These are beaten, then shaped into the desired shape; they are baked to be sewn and sometimes covered with lemon zest.

Sometimes you will find them for sale on the street with people who roam the city. If you have not had the opportunity to find them, I recommend you visit the Municipal Market, you will find places where they exclusively sell a great variety of Yucatecan sweets.

3. Caballeros pobres.

You’ve probably already suspected it, but this dish takes second place on my list of Favorite Yucatan Desserts.

The way to prepare the caballeros pobres is simple and inexpensive. For this reason, it is very common to see this dessert on the table of many Yucatecans and in many bakeries in Valladolid.

It is a type of French toast covered with sugar and cinnamon that gives it a special touch, it is also covered with a little honey from the region that gives it a unique flavor.

4. Marquesitas.

We came to present one of the most sought-after desserts in the state of Yucatan: the marquesitas.

There is a whole story behind the origin of the marquesitas: it turns out that a man who sold ice cream in Mérida began to notice a drop in sales during the winter season. When trying to find a solution, he began to devise a new dessert where he placed a little Dutch cheese inside an ordinary ice cream cone.

In all of Yucatan there are marquesitas but for me the best are in Valladolid. Check out this Top 3 of Marquesitas in Valladolid, and try the delicious marquesitas.

Marquesitas del Tio Batman, in front of Palacio Municipal 

5. Cremitas de coco.

You can find the famous coconut creams in Yucatan in the clotheslines, grocery stores and even at home, they are very common and everyone loves it. It only deals with milk, cornstarch, coconut and sugar, the production method does not seem very long but there are so many people who know how to prepare them that consequently you will find them for sale somewhere.

They are usually pink or white in color and with a little ground cinnamon, it is refrigerated and it is left with a very peculiar consistency, like that of a jelly but more watery.

You really cannot miss any of the recommendations that I have left here. Select the one you like the most and try them when you are visiting Yucatan and Valladolid.

Remember that visiting Valladolid is loving it.